Heat, health, history and heritage: 6 essential articles for life in France

From a record-breaking summer to questions about staying in France this winter, via flu and Covid-19 jabs, and historical myths - here are more must-reads from The Local.

Heat, health, history and heritage: 6 essential articles for life in France
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The summer of 2022 was the hottest in Europe’s recorded history, with the continent suffering blistering heatwaves and the worst drought in centuries, the European Commission’s satellite monitor said on Thursday.

‘By a substantial margin’: How summer 2022 was Europe’s hottest on record

All around Europe energy bills are soaring, while customers in France are among the best protected from spiralling bills, thanks to the government price shield – but rules on immigration, tax and work mean that spending the winter in France to avoid big bills may not be feasible for many.

Reader question: Can I spend the winter in France to avoid huge energy bills?

France is finalising plans for its regular flu vaccination campaign, which this year will be combined with booster shots of the Covid vaccine – here’s what you need to know about getting your shots.

Explained: France’s plan for autumn flu and Covid vaccine campaigns

As students in France head back to the classrooms for the 2022-2023 school year, Education Minister Pap Ndiaye has announced a series of plans to address shortcomings in the French education system.

One of his top priorities: increasing English-language learning.

France to launch ’emergency’ English learning plan for schools

A lot of exciting and interesting things have happened in France – from the arrival of Rollo the Viking in Paris in about 900 to the invention of the bikini in 1949 – but French history has also proved a fertile breeding ground for myths and legends. Here, in roughly chronological order, are the 22 biggest myths from France’s history.

22 of the biggest myths about French history

Next weekend, it’s the European Journées du patrimoine, when thousands of France’s historic buildings, cultural centres and museums throw open their doors – many of them free of charge. Here’s our pick of a few of the thousands of places to visit around the country.

12 places to visit on France’s Heritage Days

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French schools, renting property and vocabulary: 6 essential articles for life in France

From how to quit your job in France to choosing the best French school for your kids and learning all the vocabulary of France's cost of living crisis - here are six essential articles for life in France.

French schools, renting property and vocabulary: 6 essential articles for life in France

In the last two years, many people across the world have either considered leaving or have left their jobs amid the “Great Resignation” (or La Grande démission, en Français). 

If you have thought about quitting your French job, or perhaps you simply want to understand the procedure for resigning in France, we’ve put together a guide that should answer all of your questions. 

EXPLAINED: What you should know if you want to quit your job in France

Next, the French government is recommending that everyone become familiar with this website, and you’ll really to know how to use it if you will be living in France during the winter of 2022-2023. 

Ecowatt is the government’s ‘energy forecasting’ website. It will provide you with daily updates and give you an idea as to whether the electrical grid is under stress due to energy shortages. The Local put together an article on how to sign up for alerts, which will help you keep track of whether your area is at risk for short, localised power cuts this winter.

‘Ecowatt’: How you should use France’s new energy forecasting website?

Amid potential energy shortages this winter and the cost of living crisis, foreigners living with France have been faced with learning a whole new set of French vocabulary words.

It can be difficult to keep up to date with the French news – even for native-French speakers. To help you follow along and stay informed, The Local has compiled a list of French terms you are likely to hear when the government or media discusses inflation, along with their English translations.

The French words you need to understand France’s cost of living crisis

Parenting in a country you did grow up in comes with unique challenges and joys. One thing anglophone parents tend to wonder about is whether or not they should send their children to international schools (where English might be more widely spoken) or opt for local French schools.

The Local spoke with some anglophone parents, and compared the advantages and disadvantages of the various options in order to help you make the best decision for your family. 

What kind of school in France is best for my kids?

Many foreigners living in France prefer renting to buying. When looking for that perfect home or apartment, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost – renting in France depends largely on where you live. Renting in a rural or suburban environment will differ greatly from renting in a big city. Nevertheless – renters across France are faced with the same question: furnished or unfurnished? 

The two options differ in terms of price, convenience, and sometimes availability. You can read The Local’s guide to renting property in France.

Renting property in France: Should I go for furnished or unfurnished?

The 2024 Olympic Games are already on the horizon, even though they might seem far away. The city of Paris and its surrounding suburbs have already begun extensive preparations to host athletes, their families, and the thousands of fans who will come to enjoy the Games.

If you live in France and you are considering attending the games, The Local has put together what you need to know in order to secure your tickets.

How to get tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics