New Scottish vaccination codes can be used with French health passport

Scotland's new vaccination certificates can be used with the French health passport, the French Consulate has announced.

New Scottish vaccination codes can be used with French health passport
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The past two months have been a frustrating period in which people vaccinated in England and Wales could access France’s health passport app but those jabbed in Scotland and Northern Ireland could not.

The reason was the lack of an EU-recognised QR code on Scottish vaccination certificates, which means they could not be read by the French Tous Anti Covid app, unlike the NHS app used in England and Wales, which has been compatible with the French system since mid July.

The health passport is required in France for entry to a range of venues including bars, cafés and tourist sites, and the lack of a compatible code has meant that those vaccinated in Scotland have had to apply to swap their code for a French one in order to use the passport.

However on Friday the French consulate in Edinburgh confirmed that the new codes issued to those vaccinated in Scotland are compatible with the French app. They said: “The new vaccination certificates issued in Scotland contain a QR code which it is possible to add to the Tous Anti Covid app to prove your vaccination status.

“It is also possible to print out the Scottish certificate with the QR code and present the paper version in France.”

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People vaccinated in Scotland must first visit to download their new certificate with the new QR codes.

They can then download the Tous Anti Covid app and scan in the QR code to present at all health passport venues in France. 

Alternatively, the new certificate can be printed out and presented on paper in France.

For a full explanation of how to use the app and scan in a non-French code, plus some troubleshooting tips, click HERE.

You can also find further information from the French Consulate in Edinburgh here.

Member comments

  1. Got the QR codes (you have to download the certificate first) but my phone doesn’t seem to want to scan the second code, which is the one that you want. Anyone got any advice?

  2. I downloaded the certificate yesterday from NHS inform which had the 2 QR codes included. I scanned the 2nd code in to the TousAntiCovid app and it’s worked okay – app shows 2 versions, 1 for activity and 1 for border crossing. Maybe a problem with the code?

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