Test yourself: Bizarre French laws

There’s no doubt France like most countries has its own share of seemingly crazy laws and decrees. You’ve probably heard about the one which says it is against the law to name a pig Napoleon in France or the law which bars you from kissing on a French train station platform. While it’s unclear whether these two well known examples, which regularly make the top ten lists of “the world’s dumbest laws” are actually still enforced, you just have to look at the fact that a ban on Parisien women wearing trousers existed until last year, to realise that France does have some rather bizarre legislation.
So The Local went out and found some of the oddest and most interesting rules on the books in France. BUT instead of making it easy for you, we’ve added a two or three that we made up ourselves just to test you. See if you can spot the truely bizarre ones from the strange but false French laws. All is revealed at the end. Let us know if we have missed any out. Email [email protected]

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