EXPLAINED: How visitors to France can get a French health pass at pharmacies

EXPLAINED: How visitors to France can get a French health pass at pharmacies
Officially anyway, tourists in France can exchange their vaccination certificates for a French health pass at certain pharmacies, but many have struggled to do it. Here's how to go about it according to someone who has managed it.

Getting a medical professional to exchange your vaccination certificate for a French one is currently the only way people vaccinated in the United States, Canada and many other non-EU countries are able to access the French health pass without taking a Covid test every two days, or without proof they have already had the virus.

But The Local reported yesterday that people vaccinated in the US had been having trouble finding a pharmacy willing or able to do this, with some readers visiting up to ten pharmacies to no avail.

Readers from the UK also reported difficulties convincing venue staff to accept their NHS certificates, so getting a French health pass and QR code at a pharmacy could be a safer option for Brits who have the possibility.

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See also on The Local:

Journalist John Walton, who lives in the Loire in central France, tweeted a step-by-step guide on Tuesday to how he was able to help his British partner to obtain a French certificate.

Walton suggested larger pharmacies would be more likely to have access to the necessary computer system, something other readers have also reported. Walton recommended finding a pharmacy listed as a vaccination centre on the Vite Ma Dose platform, as well as bringing a bilingual friend to help explain the process to the pharmacists.

Walton began by explaining the different information you will need to provide, including an email address and a French address and phone number. Some of our American readers have told us pharmacies accepted their Airbnb or hotel address.

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Next, the pharmacist will have to enter the details of your jab (vaccine type and batch number), and Walton warned readers that the “autre lot” option must be selected in order to enter a foreign batch number.

Next, Walton explained, you will need to enter the place where you were vaccinated (using the post code 99 to find foreign locations), and your date of vaccination.

In theory, people vaccinated in the UK should not need to go through this process, but not all of those working in venues requiring the health pass are aware that NHS certificates and the NHS app are valid in France.

It is now possible to upload an NHS vaccine certificate to the French health pass app. However, the QR codes generated are not currently compatible with the TousAntiCovid Verif app used by venues to check health passes.

Meanwhile, with no official instructions from the French government, the American Embassy in Paris stated on July 21st: “At this time, the Embassy is not aware of the extent to which it is still possible to have the U.S. information entered into the French system.”

The French health pass, available on paper or through the TousAntiCovid app, is currently required for culture and leisure venues of more than 50 people, including cinemas, museums and other tourist sites. From August 9th, it is set to be extended to bars, cafés, restaurants, and long-distance train and bus travel.

Member comments

  1. I was able to get my US CDC card changed into a QR code in Paris at Pharmacie Place de l’Opera, 1 rue Auber. I have sent many friends there as well and they have all had no issues. It is 20€ though. Some pharmacies are doing it for free or cheaper, but if you are desperate that’s a sure bet. You only need your CDC card, and you can bring someone else’s card and get the QR code for them (a friend with me got hers and her husband’s at the same time even though he wasn’t there).

  2. @kwendell78 – that is the hospital near Notre Dame, right? If so, where do you go inside the building? is there a specific department? Is there a specific entrance? Do I need to make an appointment?

    Please advise, thanks.

  3. I’m in Bayonne, in the Basque Country. I worked with the Pharmacie de la Nive in downtown Bayonne to convert my U.S. vaccination card into the French “pass sanitaire”. The instructions above were invaluable (thank you!). If you’re anywhere near here, they should be able to help you as they’re quite friendly. Two details: make sure they know that Americans write MM/DD/YYYY rather than DD/MM/YYYY as the French do. Also, we had to leave the code of the vaccination center *blank* to get it to work. Good luck!

  4. We are about 2 hrs from Paris by train. We wondered if my husband is able to take my information along with his to be completed, or do both parties have to be present to complete the process?
    Any insight would be appreciated.

  5. They give you a print out of your QR code. You need to download the app then you scan the code into the app. Couldn’t be easier

  6. Thanks! Even closer to the apt. Did they give you a card or anything? Did they help you load the QR on your phone?

  7. I’ve always said that governments worldwide get on board to end this confusion once and for all! It’s especially confusing in N. American hospitals….where both are often used interchangeably.

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