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Reader question: Can I travel to France if I am fully vaccinated?

Those lucky enough to have received both doses of their vaccine are beginning to think of international travel again, but some restrictions remain in place even for the double-jabbed.

Reader question: Can I travel to France if I am fully vaccinated?
Travel is opening up, but is not paperwork-free even for the fully vaccinated. Photo: Eric Cabanis/AFP

Question: I have received both doses of the vaccine in the UK, so do the new travel restrictions apply to me or can I still travel?

Congratulations on the vaccine, but at present travel rules apply in the same way even to the fully vaccinated.

There are talks going on at bilateral and EU level about vaccine passports and exemptions for the fully vaccinated, but at present the rules for entering France are the same whether you are vaccinated or not.

Anyone over the age of 11 entering France needs to present at the border a negative Covid test. There are only a few groups exempt from the testing requirement, mostly cross-border workers and hauliers, you can find the full list here.

You also need to fill in a declaration stating that you do not have Covid symptoms, have not been in contact with any Covid patients and you agree to abide by relevant quarantine and travel restrictions – you can find the form HERE.

The rest of the rules depend on where you are travelling from;

  • If you’re coming from the UK after May 31st you can only enter France if your journey is essential, you need a negative Covid test less than 48 hours old and must quarantine for seven days. Full details here
  • If you’re coming from within the EU or Schengen zone you can travel for any reason and do not need to quarantine – full details here
  • If you’re coming from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Israel, Japan and Singapore you can travel for any reason but you need to quarantine for 7 days (doing this in your own home or with friends/relatives is fine and there are no checks in place) – full details here
  • If you’re coming from a non-EU country that is not on the above list, you can only travel for essential reasons, full details here.

Obviously, also check your home country’s rules and recommendations on travel to France. Travelling against official government advice can invalidate travel insurance policies.  

When will this change?

Any vaccine passport in France definitely won’t come in before June 9th, when France introduces the health passport for domestic purposes such as going to concerts.

The EU has come to an agreement on EU-wide recognition of passes with a provisional start date of July 1st.

However, border decisions lie with individual countries within the EU, so French government will have the ultimate say on who gets to enter and what paperwork they need to show and can still decide to impose extra restrictions such as quarantine on arrivals from certain countries.

France already has its health passport app up and running – it’s called TousAntiCovid and you can read about it here – but it works by scanning QR codes from vaccine certificates, which could be a problem for residents in countries that don’t issue certificates with QR codes on them.

The government has said there will be an option for paper forms too, for people who don’t have smartphones, but we don’t yet know the full details of this.

Any vaccine pass or health passport will also have the option to upload test certificates, for people who either cannot be vaccinated or don’t want to be, or proof of having recently recovered from Covid.

We will update our Travelling to France section as soon as we know more.

Member comments

  1. We are hoping to transit France to reach Italy. This would normally involve a hotel or campsite stopover to break the journey, but I am not sure whether transiting is permitted, (We are both fully vaccinated.) Are there any provisions to allow transit?

  2. I have 2 nationalities: French and American, living in the USA. I am fully vaccinated since February. I plan to travel to France from New York on June 20. What do I need besides my vaccination card, which has the dates of my vaccination
    as well as the type of vaccine used ?

    1. I also have the same question, but for just an American who also fully vaccinated for months already, planning to travel to France on June 18th.

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French police launch new service to keep empty homes secure

Leaving your property empty puts it at risk of burglars or squatters and this is a particular worry for second-home owners, whose homes are often vacant for prolonged periods.

French police launch new service to keep empty homes secure

French police run a scheme called Opération Tranquillité Vacances which involves householders telling their local police that they will be away, so they can keep an eye on the property.

The scheme has run in various forms since 1974, but now an online platform has been set up allowing property owners to make their declaration in just a few clicks.

It’s largely targeted at French people who are going away over the summer and leaving their homes empty, but it’s not limited to French nationals and can be used all year around.

Under the scheme, householders and businesses can ask their local gendarmes to keep a watch over their properties while they are away for a period of up to three months.

READ ALSO How to get rid of squatters from your French property

Police and gendarmes patrols visit houses on their list at various times during the day or night, checking shutters, gates, and back gardens to make sure all is as it should be – and to act as a deterrent to any criminal groups checking the area.

The new online service is not limited to French nationals or French residents, but it does require a FranceConnect account to operate, meaning that you need to be registered in at least one French database (eg the tax office, benefits office or in the health system).

The form can be used to cover both main residences and second homes (résidence secondaire) but there is a limit of three months at a time for the property to be vacant.

You can find the form HERE and it can be completed between three and 45 days before your departure.

You can also register in person at your nearest police station or gendarmerie unit. Take ID and proof of address, such as a recent utility bill, if you do it this way.

Summertime is high-season for criminals in France, who target homes that have been left vacant while their owners are away on holiday.

Opération Tranquillité Vacances was introduced in 1974 as a means to keep crime rates down during the summer holiday period. It was extended to include other school holidays in 2009, and is now available all year round.