Ubériser: Here are the newest words to enter the French language

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The Local - [email protected] • 9 May, 2019 Updated Thu 9 May 2019 08:11 CEST
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Do you know your locavorisme from your survivalisme? Have you ever been ubériser? In total, 150 words will be added to the existing 60,000 words in the new 2020 version of the French dictionary Larousse. Here is a selection.


These new words have been chosen by Larousse’s lexicographers as the words that most tap into the present, to new technologies, to our lifestyle changes,  according to an article in BFMTV

Thinking, living and consuming differently

In this set of new words, we find, for example, survivalisme (the way of life adopted by people preparing for a natural disaster), locavorisme (the consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables to promote sustainable development), l’antispecisme (the vision that refutes any hierarchy between different animal species), bigorexie (addiction to sport) and dédiésélisation (the reduction in the number of diesel-powered vehicles).

The charge mentale (mental burden), which corresponds to the psychological burden weighing mainly on women regarding household chores and childcare, is also included in this new edition of Larousse. In line with recent debates on the place of women in society and in language, the term inclusif (inclusive) is also being introduced.



The transformation of the world of work

The verb ubériser (uberizing) refers to the use of digital platforms to replace many services. Just as the slasheur is the person who works several jobs at the same time and le bore-out refers to the deep boredom experienced by some employees at work, a bit like burn-out but with more yawning.

Contemporary concerns

Several contemporary hazards have also been selected by Larousse experts. Among them, we find the darknet (part of the web inaccessible via traditional search engines), the cyberdjihadisme (the use of the Internet for the promotion or application of jihad) or the fachosphère (all fascist and far right political groups).

One of the other new truths is adulesence, the state of adolescence now also present in so-called adult. And, reflecting a sad developing trend, they are including l'apatridie (statelessness).

It’s not all bad news, though, eco-concerns are also making ground in the dictionary corner. New words being introduced include écoquartier (eco-neighbourhood), vélo-route (bicycle lane), covoiturage (carpooling).



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