Which towns in France are the most in love with fast food?

A new ranking exposes which towns in France have the biggest love affair with fast food... and it has yielded some surprising results.

Which towns in France are the most in love with fast food?
France may be the food capital of the world and boast hundreds of types of cheese but it is also a fast food heaven. 
And although the French love to decry what they call unhealthy eating (la 'malbouffe'), they spend more in MacDonald's than many other Europeans. In fact, in 2017 the fast food giant made more money in France than anywhere else outside the US.
A new ranking shows that France's 32 biggest cities possess no less than 1,259 fast food outlets. And it may come to a surprise that Bordeaux, a city associated with fine dining and fine wines, comes top with more per person than all other large French cities.


The top three cities with the most fast food joints per population were Bordeaux — a long way ahead — with 54 outlets, Tours in the centre-west of France with 22 and Metz in the east with 25.
Astonishingly, bottom of the list was Marseille –  a gritty southern port city and one of Europe's poorest – just before Le Havre and Saint Denis in the Reunion Island.

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The list, compiled by the health news website, took into account 16 of France's most popular fast food restaurants, which include MacDonald's, Subway and Paul but also Pizza Hut, Quick, Brioche Dorée and KFC.
“This ranking isn't about pointing the finger at our eating habits, but about questioning in a transparent way the impact of these outlets on our eating habits,” according to
“Having a quick snack means you save time, but too often, we forget that the food we eat in these fast food outlets isn't nutritious, and is lacking in vegetable fibre and vitamins and contains a lot of fat, salt and sugar and other chemicals”.
Although Paris vastly outnumbers all other cities in terms of the amount of fast food restaurants with 391, the city is so dense that it only came 5th in the ranking.
With 222 outlets across the country, MacDonald's has more restaurants than all the other chains listed, followed by the other US fast food restaurant Subway with 165. The French bakery Paul came third with 137 outlets nationwide.
Expanding waistlines
A report from September 2018 revealed how France's secret love for fast food is starting to show itself on the public's waistlines, with the country set to become home to 30 million obese and overweight people by 2030.
Fast food is increasingly taking over France's tables, something which is believed to be down to the lack of time for a proper lunch and the arrival — and popularity — of online food delivery companies such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats. 

France reveals new recipe to tackle the nation's love of junk food

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US fast food giant opens burger battle with ‘McDo’ on Champs-Elysées

US burger giant Five Guys has taken the fight to McDonald’s and Burger King on Paris’s most famous street by opening its biggest restaurant in the world.

US fast food giant opens burger battle with 'McDo' on Champs-Elysées
Photo: AFP

The burger giant has opened doors to its second restaurant in Paris, this time on the famous Champs-Elysées avenue, in close proximity to “McDo” and Burger King as well as other burger-selling brasseries.

The chain, reportedly much-loved by US President Barack Obama, opened its 1,200 square metre restaurant in the former Haagen Dazs outlet on the famous avenue on Thursday.

It will be hoping to at least match the success of McDonald’s, whose store on the Champs-Elysées is its most lucrative in the world – bringing in €13.5 million in 2014.

It sits 350 people over five floors including a terrace and two open kitchens where chefs whip up burgers in front of clients. It has created 250 jobs.

But a meal at Five Guys costs around €15 – a little more than it does at rival US fast food outlets.

The chain says it justifies its higher prices by the quality of its products and separates itself from other chains by the fact the burgers are personalized and made in front of the customer.

The chain guarantees some 250,000 different choices.

Five Guys opened its first restaurant at Cour-Saint-Emilion, Bercy Village in the 12th arrondissement while another outlet is planned for Gare du Nord next year.

If it all goes well and the French show they have an appetite for their burgers then Five Guys will open around 40 restaurants across the country.

And the signs are good.

The French currently scoff around 1.1 billion burgers each year. To put that in perspective, that's almost the same number of jambon-buerre baguettes that are eaten each year (1.28 million).

A sign of the how dominant the burger has become in France came in a 2014 survey that revealed that burgers now had a home on the menu of “seventy-five percent of traditional French restaurants.

“Burger-mania is far from being over in France,” read the survey by Gira Conseil.

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