Nudist resorts: The top 10 places to get naked in France this summer

France attracts more naked holidaymakers than any other country and just in case you're interested in a naturist holiday we've picked out some of the best places to hang out this summer.

Nudist resorts: The top 10 places to get naked in France this summer
Photo: AFP
France is the world's leading nudist tourist destination with 3.5 million regular practitioners flocking to spots reserved for those willing to go au naturel every year, according to the French Naturist Federation.
And while 1.5 million of them are French, a whopping two million foreigners come to France each year to practice naturism. And there are an increasing number of British naturists heading to France for a naked holiday.
So if you’ve been flirting with the idea of baring all — or perhaps you’re just looking to try something new — now might be a good time to become one with nature.
But where to start? Well, let's just say we've got you covered (so to speak). 
The Euronat naturist resort in France sits on the Atlantic coast, nestled in the middle of a 335 hectare pine forest, with direct access to the naturist beach. It’s situated in Grayan-et-l'Hôpital, in the Gironde department in the south west of France and the nudity doesn’t just stop at the beach. 
The resort itself is a like a little village where naturism is a way of life: from the accommodation to the swimming pools. Picture going on a bicycle ride down the forest trails, playing chess on a life size chessboard, or taking up painting, pottery, or archery, all while naked. 
The beach itself is a long stretch of 1.5 km of fine sand lined with dunes on the Atlantic coast. Euronat says its resort is the best place for first timers looking to take part in naturism, which can be a difficult step for some to take.
“Here, the space and nature will allow you to discover this way of living in complete security. The psychological and social barriers disappear, leaving room for well-being and simplicity,” says the site. 
Euronat. Photo: AFP
The CHM Monta naturist resort sits along the Atlantic Ocean, in Vendays-Montalivet, also in the Gironde department. It's around 80 kilometres from Bordeaux, and has a nudist beach two kilometres long.
At CHM, you don't need to worry about interrupting your naturist holiday with trips into the outside world because it has a good selection of amenities on site, including restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and even a hairdressers. 
Sports is also a big feature at the CHM. There are a number of football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts and handball court, as well as a huge space dedicated to petanque, which on some days has up to 300 players.
(Some naturists don't like to stick to nudist resorts and prefer to get out into nature to go hiking. AFP)
La Jenny naturist resort in France also sits on the Atlantic coast. It’s situated in Le Porge in the south-west of France just north of the Bay of Arcachon.
To access the naturist beach, you cross a pine forest to reach a long stretch of 127 hectares of unspoilt preserved coastline between the Médoc vineyards and the Arcachon basin. As for the resort, it features a naturist swimming area with four adjacent pools of varying sizes and depths and a naturist golf course.
La Jenny also has an entertainment team which prepares shows and spectacles for kids and adults alike. 
La Jenny. Photo La Jenny's website
Sérignan is a naturist campsite by the Mediterranean Sea, situated in the town of Sérignan, in the Hérault department of the south of France.
Apart from its beach, Sérignan has a pool reserved for adults where you can relax in a tranquil environment, without any hassle or splashing. This is coupled with hydro-massages to relax the neck, the back, the legs and the feet, all kinds of massages from all over the world ( Ayurveda, Thai, Shiatsu….), bubble baths, and musical pools even under water.

The Cap d'Agde naturist resort is the most famous in France has two kilometres of sandy beaches along the Mediterranean Sea in the Hérault department in the south of France.
According to Trip Savvy, Cap d'Agde has a more erotic atmosphere, making it more adult oriented. Also, everyone in the village leads a naked lifestyle including when they're doing their shopping and going to the bank.
Cap Nat International offers apartments and villas for rent in the seven different residences of the naturist village. The prices change according to the season, so a studio can cost around 200 euros a night in May, but can go up to 600 euros a night in August, so timing is important.
Cap d'Agde. Photo: AFP
Arnaoutchot is a campsite-village which sits in Vielle-Saint-Girons in the heart of the Landes department in the far corner of south west France, nestled in a 45-hectare pine forest, where only the dunes separate holidaymakers from the naturist beaches of the Côte d'Argent.
The Côte d'Argent makes up part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine coastline in southwestern France. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the powerful tides are great for any fans of surfing.
Conveniently, Arnaoutchot’s Arnasurf School offers qualified instructors for both surfing and paddle lessons for all levels, as well as equipment hire.
What’s special about Arnaoutchot is that you can stay in a chalet, cottage, mobile home, lodge or even a canvas bungalow. 
Arnaoutchot Photo: Arnaoutchot's website
Riva Bella is a nudist campsite-village on the French island of Corsica on the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated on the eastern plain of Corsica, halfway between Porto-Vecchio and Bastia close to Aléria.
The naturist beach borders the site and continues northwards.
The site offers everything from accommodation to spas, bars, restaurants, entertainment for the children and leisure activities for the grownups, as well as ecotourism. Riva Bella takes part in raising public awareness to the site's biodiversity as well as dune rehabilitation and re-vegetation campaigns.
Renowned for its wild nature and the beauty of its landscapes, Corsica on the whole is a top tourist destination and is easy to travel to. 
The Grottes nudist beach is not part of a resort, but it’s situated in the Ile-de-Levant, which is located in the south of France between Toulon and Cannes.
The Ile-de-Levant was, according to some sources, the site of Europe's very first naturist village back in the 1930s.
The Grottes beach is nestled in the hollow of a small cove, shaded by trees, and covered with Mediterranean plants. Also, on the Grottes beach, nudism is obligatory.
Plage de Grottes Photo: AFP
La Sablière is a nudist village situated on the Cèze river in the Gard department south east of France.
The village is devoted exclusively to families, and gives access to private beaches on the edge of the Cèze river. Their weekly program also includes workshops for practicing crafts, sports and fitness sessions, as well as steam rooms, saunas and essential oils for body care.
La Sablière also promotes the region on a whole and invites families to discover the Cocalière cave, the Pont de Gard, one of France's most famous bridges, as well as museums and other nearby cities and villages.
Tahiti Beach is a hotel on a “clothing optional” beach called Pampelonne, five kilometres south of St. Tropez on the Mediterranean coast.
It became famous worldwide after the filming of Roger Vadim's film “And God created woman”, featuring the then soon to become iconic French actress Brigitte Bardot.
In fact, the actress fell in love with the place in real life and bought a house not far from there, in the seaside resort of Saint-Tropez.
The Tahiti Beach hotel is on the seafront and has restaurants serving local specialties along with private pools, a gym, and a tennis court.
But a trip here doesn't come cheaply, with a room with a view costing three to four hundred euros a night.
And finally. It's not quite a nature resort but Paris has its own nudist sunbathing area in the Bois de Vincennes. So if you prefer to stay in the French capital and get naked then you do have an option. Just remember to get dressed again for when you take the Metro back home.

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Naked cyclists banned from Paris streets but bare all in Rennes for historic ride

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Naked cyclists banned from Paris streets but bare all in Rennes for historic ride
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Dozens of naked cyclists gathered in Rennes on Sunday to cycle across the western city in the city's first edition of what naturists hope will turn into an annual event.

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It was the first time the international movement Naked Bike Ride was allowed to cycle through a French city, after years of trying.

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