France’s SNCF changes website name as part of rail rebranding

France's SNCF changes website name as part of rail rebranding
Photo: Screenshot/SNCF website
The website of France's national rail company SNCF has been renamed and given a new address for the first time in 17 years as part of the organisation's rebranding of its services.
From now on anyone using the website to book tickets will need to use the address rather than
The update brings the website in line with the company's new “Oui” branding and marks the first time the site has been revamped in 17 years. 
It's important to remember that the change will also apply to the company's phone apps.
And it's not only the name that's changing. 
Why is France bidding adieu to its famous TGV trains?
Photo: AFP
The new site is expected to offer several new features including an email alert system, which will let users know when a low-cost, good-value ticket that fits their searches and budget is available.
“We're keeping everything you like and improving the rest,” SNCF announced. 
The change is part of the SNCF's move to rebrand of all its services around the word “Oui”, which as we all know means “Yes” in French.
The “inOui” name aligns the premium high speed train service with the company's low cost equivalent, Ouigo, launched in 2013. It also fits alongside SNCF's coach service “OuiBus” and its hire car service “OuiCar”. 
The company also has OuiGo, its low-price TGV offer; the OuiBus network, and the car-sharing service, OuiCar.
The ‘inOui’ phrase is actually a play on words in French – as well as the word ‘yes’, the new name is also effectively the word ‘inouï’, which means ‘unheard-of [in a positive way]’, ‘unprecedented’, ‘incredible’ or ‘unparalleled’, in French.