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France gives lift off to tough new drone laws
Photo: AFP

Time to crack down on drones, say French lawmakers.

Paris region eyes up cable cars to unclog traffic jams
Could something like this be the future of transport in Paris? Photo: AFP

Did you know there are 12 cable car projects around the Paris region? Better than the RER trains surely?

First driverless minibus goes on trial in Paris
Gilbert Gagnaire, Director General of Easy Mile, poses in front of his driverless EZ10 minibus. Photo: Eric Feferberg/AFP

The French capital's transport authority will carry out its first test of a driverless minibus on Saturday.

Stunning video captures first look at Versailles from the sky
Photo: YouTube Screenshot

We guarantee you have never seen Versailles like this before.

Telegram app complicates job of French anti-terror police
Photo: Álvaro Ibáñez/Flickr

The tough job of French anti-terror investigators is being made far more complicated thanks to a smartphone app.

French MP's call for Facebook ID cards blasted 'as idiotic'
Photo: AFP

Is demanding an ID card to sign up for Facebook a good counter-terror move, or an "idiotic" idea?

France gives go ahead for driverless car tests on roads
Photo: AFP

France has said oui to testing out self-driving cars on French roads.

France tells Microsoft to stop collecting user data
Photo: AFP

France has ordered Microsoft to stop collecting personal data on users of its Windows 10 operating system.

The Pokémon craze
Pokémon Go: France still waiting to join the party
These Lebanese women are playing Pokémon Go, but you can't play it in France. Photo: Anwar Amro/AFP

The global gaming craze Pokémon Go is still not available in France. The reason: last week's attack in Nice.

The 16 best apps for a summer trip in France
You can use your phone for more than just selfies. Photo: Remy Gabalda/AFP

Transport, food, shopping - these apps will have you covered for your summer holidays in France.

Should this be the new Metro map for Paris?
Photo: Constantine Konovalov

A new (unofficial) redesign of the Paris Metro map has just been released... and it's pretty impressive.

France lets widow have child with dead husband's sperm
An illustration of intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Photo: Wellcome Images/Flickr

A French court has ruled that the semen of a dead man can be used for artificial insemination.

French tax cops barred from using Google to probe Google
Photo: AFP

Investigators were not able to use Google to help them probe Google.

Five free smartphone apps to help you find petrol in France
Photo: CAFNR/Flickr

Looking for petrol in France? Here's how to find it with the help of your smartphone.

Google invokes free speech in French fine appeal
File photo: Philippe Huegen/AFP

"Local laws can't dictate what French Internet users can see."

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