UK Telecom

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Location: Aquitaine
Date added: 12 September 2021

Is anyone using UK Telecom and if so have you been able to contact them recently. I have tried phone, chat and email without success.

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  1. We had been with UK Telecom for over 6 years without any problem, when we suddenly lost all communication – internet and telephone – in June. They were impossible to contact. They would not answer the phone or emails. They would not return calls. An absolutely atrocious service. Apparently we were cut off, along with many others, as UK Telecom had stopped using SFR as their supplier in France, and, according to our contact with SFR, although we had been paying UK Telecom each and every month, they hadn’t been paying SFR. I eventually sent UK Telecom an email informing them that due to lack of service and contact, i would be cancelling my direct debit and, by presumption, my contract too. I did receive an acknowledgement email (with no apology or explanation). We have now moved to Bouygues Telecom at half the price, with a hugely better service package.

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