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Location: Pays-de-la-Loire
Date added: 08 June 2021

Now that I have received my Carte de Sejour, do I still need to carry my UK Passport for a few days away in the South of France, or will the Carte de Sejour suffice?

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  1. I have no specific knowledge but, logically, because you would have identified yourself with evidence including your passport, that an officially rendered card like a carte de séjour or a French driving licence should be enough proof. It’s what I carry around with me so I hope I’m right!

    1. Steve, thank you. In fact, like you, I have used, or tried to use, my French (photocard) driving licence as i/d. But for a Hospital appointment a while ago, my d/licence was deemed unacceptable, so I had to return home to collect my Passport, in order to ‘book in’. However, I think that the Carte de Sejour will probably be taken more seriously. The CdS is essentially a proper Identity Card, so I’ll leave my UK Passport at home!

  2. I have shown my Carte de Sejour at recent hospital appointments, including covid vaccinations, and an appointment at our local Health Offices.

    1. I’m grateful for your input Keith! It looks like my query is resolved. My CdS was accepted by ‘Reception’ as proof of i/d, in a large Hotel over the weekend. They commented that a CdS is adequate So that’s it ! Thanks to all!

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