Request for UK S1 form for workers posted abroad

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Date added: 08 May 2021

I am self employed currently living in France. I have signed a contract with a French firm and have recently requested a S1 form to HMRC to allow me to register with the French social security.
I am trying to navigate the system and would appreciate if any of you who are self- employed could provide information on the process.


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  1. Hi Manuel,
    This link has lots of information about getting your health care covered in France.
    You will have to make an appointment with the CPAM whichever route you take. The process will require patience so be warned. Once in contact with them it is imperative that you keep copies of all documents and correspondence because they have a reputation for ‘losing’ applications.
    Good luck.

  2. This web site will give you contact information:

    You should be aware that the S1 ‘form’ is not something that you fill in, so there’s no point trying to download one. Once your entitlement to S1 registration is established (usually with a fairly brief telephone conversation, although I daresay HMRC’s process is more long-winded than others), you will be sent the necessary paperwork which allows you to register with the national healthcare provider in your country of residence.

    My understanding is that most workers, whether employed or self-employed, are not usually entitled to S1 registration, although the detail in your circumstances may render you eligible.

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