Handicapped Parking in France

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Date added: 29 June 2021

Can anyone tell me who to apply to to get a handicapped parking card in France.

Many Thanks,

Anna Bellew

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  1. Hi are you from the USA– If so I use my blue card on the windshield and it seems to be recognized by the police-

  2. Hello Anna,

    I applied for a ‘carte de staionnement’ 2 years ago and if the system is still the same make sure you have a good supply of printer ink and plenty of paper. The form is quite long and Ialso had to print off the forms for my doctor to complete. Having said that it’s a great boon when you have to use crutches to walk at all.
    You apply to MPHD, Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées, each department has it’s own office.
    If you do an internet seach using ‘MPHD France’ you will find a lot of results look at these until you find the forms.
    As I said previously I applied 2 years ago at the end of October and I received my card the following May. Good Luck

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