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Beaujolais Nouveau Day is the perfect time to learn how to avoid being a plonk-er. Here are our rules on negotiating the "winefield" in France.
Forget all French those word they taught you at school.
There are a few quirks and pitfalls of French culture that could make all the difference.
There are lots of swear words in French besides the famous one beginning with 'p', but where on earth do they come from?
Some French eating habits you'll just never pick up.
Is it OK to say the F-word in French but not in English?
There are some important changes happening in France in November.
The French love a good ghost story
The quintessential American holiday is popular in France...
A simple solution to the butter shortages in France?
A unique property in a unique setting.
Or at least visit very soon.
Travel & Tourism
Forget the summer, Autumn is the best time to be in France
EXAMPLE: The phrase "c'est pas terrible" still makes you wonder if something is terrible or not at all terrible.
WARNING: Don't try them all in one day
What happened in in France in 1991?
If you want peace and tranquility, this property is for you.
Travel & Tourism
Where would you start?
How do you know when you're in Paris?
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