10 handy French phrases to use in an argument

One of the hardest things about living abroad is not knowing what to say when you get into a heated argument with a local, as inevitably happens from time to time. Especially in France where a good old verbal rumpus is seen as both healthy and a sign of intelligence. But unless you have really mastered the langauge you will often left frustratingly lost for words, wishing you had learned some useful one line comebacks or put downs that could give you the upper hand when a row over politics, football or pushing in to get onthe Metro kicks off. To help you out The Local has put together 10 handy phrases you can have at the ready for the next time you unexpectedly end up in a slanging match with someone. However be warned, some of them may only lead to temperatures rising and should be used with caution. Although at least you will have the satisfaction of having something to say.

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