French property Face-Off: Charente versus Paris

For this week’s French Property Face-Off readers have the chance to splash-out on some high end property. You have the choice between a €2.8 million luxury Paris apartment in the chic 16th arrondissement of the French capital or for just €100,000 more you could have a 16th century chateau in the Charente region of western France, not far from the famous town of Cognac. It’s a question of chosing between the buzz of life in one of the swankiest parts of the City of Life, with a close up view of the Eiffel Tower from your living room or the tranquility of life in one of France’s most popular regions, which given you have 17 hectares of your own plush grounds you might never need to explore. Take a look through this gallery of pics and see which one you prefer.

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