Meet ‘les filles à fromages’ – the women making French cheese sexier

Smelly French cheese and elegant French women are celebrated by men around the globe. So what could be better than combining a bit of stink with a bit of chic. Meet the latest “Filles à fromages” who have been tasked to make French cheese sexier. They are among the 3,000 women who have signed up to a larger movement of the same name that was created by magazine editor Olivier Malnuit. He began asking women about their love of cheese in 2012 after realizing it was a somewhat complex subject. Between the calories in a wheel of brie and the sometimes pungent smell, cheese may seem decidedly unfeminine. But as Malbuit told French daily Le Figaro, “there is a very strong relationship between women and cheese.” The exhibition runs through April 26 at the Milk Factory which is at 5 rue Paul Bert in Paris’s 11th arrondissement. Entry is free.

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