Guest blog: What the French find weird about Americans

For this week’s guest blog, Diane Wargnier, who lives near the town of Angers on the West Coast of France and runs the blog looks at the cultural differences between France and the US or more to the point what exactly the French find weird about Americans. “When two cultures collide, like in a marriage, there’s bound to be a lot of laughs and OMGs over things that are seemingly normal for one half of the equation,” she writes. “The other half will be appalled and shocked and utterly confused by the other culture’s norms. And today, that weirdo culture is my own. Good old American. This is a general list and I can assure you all of them are absolutely true. My husband is weirded out by ALL of them. I used to think that maybe he was the weird one but other French people seem to share the same sentiments.” Click through to see exactly what the French find weird about Americans. Can you add any more of your own?

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