What the French really think about Anglos according to Google

Want to know what the French really think about us Anglos but were always too shy to ask? Well who better to tell us than Google. The internet search engine auto-fill function gives an insightful, albeit unscientific, view into what French people really think about the English, Americans, the Scottish, the Irish etc. It works like this. When you type in the first words of a question into Google the search engine offers to complete the sentence with guesses based on what other people searched for as well as your online profiles. So in order to see what the French think about us Anglos we went to Google France and typed in “Pourquoi les Americains…”, “Pourquoi les Anglais…”, or “Pourquoi les Ecossais” etc. Google offered up some interesting answers. See the results below. Are they myths or reality?

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