‘Thank f**k for that’: Foreigners in France relieved after loss for far-right Le Pen

Foreign citizens living in France have expressed relief after far-right candidate Marine Le Pen failed to win the presidential election. Here's a sample of the some of the reactions.

'Thank f**k for that': Foreigners in France relieved after loss for far-right Le Pen
Macron supporters wave French and EU flags Photo by Ludovic MARIN / AFP

Macron’s victory against Le Pen meant the far-right candidate was kept out of power once again.

The prospect that she might take power had concerned many foreigners living in France, especially when at one polls suggested she had a chance of victory.

That fear was largely due to the fact Le Pen had campaign on a programme of promising to discriminate against foreigners in France when it came to jobs and benefits and healthcare.

Her plan would also have included dual nationals.

Radio journalist and political commentator Alex Taylor, who is dual Franco-British citizen, said: “France has just said a resounding “non” to populism – and a whopping “oui” to Europe ! So, so very proud to have become French, and feeling more European than ever.”

Todd Foreman, a British-American immigrant living in Paris tweeted: “So my decision to emigrate from UK to France  in 2020 to escape Brexit and stay in European Union is looking pretty good tonight. Couldn’t be happier than to be in France.”

Many foreign citizens living in France voted in the election for the first time after having successfully applied for French citizenship.

One of those, John Allan said on Twitter, said: “Today, I voted for a French President, for the first time in my life and I got it right! I’m so grateful to France for accepting an old Scot, to be one of its citizens!”

Some of those dual citizens who voted were still worried about the number of people voting for the far right.

Dual British-French national and Paris resident Benjamin Chadwick put it simply but powerfully, tweeting: “Thank fuck”.

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  1. So the French may have done the right thing for the President, but now there is the législatives and there’s 41% out there who voted against Macron.
    Melenchon needs to do well and be offered the PM role.

  2. trouble is like the little man with funny moustache used to say often in the early 30’s “if you don’t succeed try try again”. That’s the big worry & concern for 2007

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