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French Word of the Day: Marcheurs

It's a popular French pastime that in recent years has acquired a political meaning.

French Word of the Day: Marcheurs
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond

Why do I need to know marcheurs? 

Because it’s important to know if people are talking about their hobby or their politics.

What does it mean?

Traditionally marcheurs, pronounced marsh-err, was used to mean walkers, ramblers or hikers. 

It stems from the verb marcher which means to walk. 

In this sense you would use it like this:

C’est une destination d’évasion idéale pour les marcheurs – It is an ideal getaway destination for hikers 

Il est accessible aux marcheurs moyens habitués à la randonnée en montagne – It is accessible to average walkers used to hiking in the mountain 

The alternative term for hikers is les randonneurs.

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But the term is also used by some sections of the French media to talk about supporters of French President Emmanuel Macron and his political party, La République En Marche (The Republic on the Move). 

The term is often used by political journalists, rather than in every day conversation. 

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You could use it like this:

Les marcheurs d’Emmanuel Macron sillonnent les villes pour tracter, convaincre et recruter – Emmanuel Macron’s supporters criss-cross cities to distribute flyers, convince and recruit 

Emmanuel Macron écrit aux marcheurs  : “J’ai besoin de vous !” – Emmanuel Macron writes to his supporters: “I need you”

Qui sont les marcheurs de Macron? – Who are Macron’s supporters?

Macron’s supporters are often referred to more simply as macronistes.

Other political supporter terms 

There are various ways to describe yourself or someone else as a supporter of a political party of individual politician. 

Partisan de – Supporter of [a political party or candidate]

Sympathisant de – Sympathiser of [a political party or candidate]

Adhérent/membre de – Member of [a political party]

Militant – Activist 

Fan – Fan [this would generally be used informally] 

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French Expression of the Day: La clim’

You'll definitely want to know about this during the summer.

French Expression of the Day: La clim'

Why do I need to know la clim’?

Because the lack of green spaces in cities might find you looking desperately for fresh air.

What does it mean?

La clim’, pronounced la-cleem, means air conditioning, it is a shortened version of la climatisation.

Climatisation comes from the word climatiseur, which itself comes from Klima in Greek and means the inclination of planet Earth from the equator to the poles. This inclination of the planet on its axis is responsible for the seasons and if you find yourself in a French city in August your inclination will definitely be towards climatisation.

Air-conditioning in private homes is not common France, some hotels have it but not all and in the summer months restaurants will often advertise air-con if they have it, as a way of luring in hot-and-bothered tourists.

If you find yourself desperate for cool air, head to a supermarket – almost all French supermarkets are air-conditioned in the summer. Or for a more fun option just head to the nearest city fountain or water feature and join the locals who are splashing around to cool off.

Use it like this

Il fait très chaud, avez-vous la clim’ dans votre hotel ? – It’s really hot, do you have air-con in the hotel?

Je n’aime pas mettre la clim’ en route car cela est mauvais pour la santé et l’environnement – I don’t like turning on the AC, it’s bad for my health and for the environment

Il fait froid, peut-on s’il vous plait éteindre la clim’ ? – It’s cold, could  we turn off the air-con?

La clim’ fait beaucoup de bruit, pouvons-nous la mettre en sourdine ? – This AC is really noisy, could we turn it down?


Un climatiseur – the formal name for an air-conditioner (in French the air conditioning is feminine by the air conditioner is masculine)

Un ventilateur – a ventilator

Un Brumisateur – a ‘fogger’ – these machines which pump out cool water vapour are often seen on the streets and in parks during the summer

Un Rafraichisseur d’air – an air freshener