How Eggs Mayonnaise became the ‘most ordered’ dish in France

How Eggs Mayonnaise became the 'most ordered' dish in France
Eggs mayonnaise is a French classic. Photo by GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / AFP)
After a year of prolonged restaurant closures, many French people turned to takeaway - with the bistro classic Eggs Mayonnaise listed as the most ordered dish. Here's a look at the impressive pedigree of this humble-sounding dish.

Food ordering giant Deliveroo has published its list of the most-ordered dishes in France for 2021.

The winner wasn’t a burger, pizza or noodles as many might expect, but a French bistro classic: les œufs mayonnaise (eggs mayonnaise) from the Bouillon restaurant chain in Paris.  

Many in the English-speaking world associate egg mayonnaise  with a mundane sandwich you might find in a supermarket meal deal.

But in France, eggs mayonnaise holds a treasured place in culinary tradition.

It is served as an hors d’oeuvres or starter and consists of a large chicken egg boiled only to a point where the yolk retains some level of liquidity. The eggs are chilled, peeled and sliced in half before being served with a mayonnaise and mustard sauce, typically thinned with water or lemon juice. It is often served with a lettuce or crudités on the side. 

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There are many variations of eggs mayonnaise – 49 were included in a recent recipe book dedicated to the dish. 

There’s also a club dedicated to this dish – Association for the Saving of Egg Mayonnaise (ASOM) – an organisation whose motto reads: “Time goes on, the eggs get harder”.

As well as promoting the joys of a classic egg mayonnaise, ASOM also holds an annual competition to find the best version of the dish.

In 2019, the eggs mayonnaise dish prepared by the Bouillon Pigalle restaurant in Paris was named as the best in the world ASOM.

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The key ingredient of the Bouillon chain’s success is perhaps the delicious truffles that they add to the mayonnaise. Another obvious advantage is the price: this dish costs just €2 on Deliveroo (minus delivery fee). 

The prestigious title of Egg Mayonnaise World Champion has since been claimed by La Rôtisserie d’Argent – another restaurant in Paris. 

The dish ranks fifth globally for the most ordered meals on Deliveroo. 

The full list of France’s most ordered Deliveroo dishes is below:

1. Les œufs mayonnaise “champions du monde” de Bouillon Service, Paris

2. Pita Chawarma Poulet, Mezzencore, Paris

3. Gratin de Penne façon Livio, Livio Piu, Paris

4. The beast de Kokomo, Bordeaux

5. Menu “Le braisé”, Le Braisé, Lille

6. Classic cheeseburger, Dumbo, Paris

7. Poke bowl, Poke Lab, Toulouse

8. Formule doner kebab, Sürpriz Berliner Kebab, Paris

9. Menu korean fried chicken honey garlic de K-Town Street Food, Paris

10. Klassiker, Mont Berliner, Lyon

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    1. Not quite, MJ! Deviled Eggs are made by mashing the hard yolk into the mayonnaise. In France, Œuf Mayo is simply a hard-boiled egg cut in half, with a dollop of mayo. SIMPLY DIVINE!

      1. Thanks for the clarification. It looked like a deviled egg, and perhaps I didn’t read carefully enough.

  1. Some interesting sounding dishes there…the one I need to know more about is no. 4…The beast de Kokomo…

    1. It’s a cheese and bacon burger, Rob.
      The Beast
      12 €
      Bœuf Aubrac maturé, cheddar affiné 9 mois, onion ring maison, poitrine fumée, mayo sriracha maison

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