French Word of the Day: Foncedé

French Word of the Day: Foncedé
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond
When you have a few too many glasses of Bordeaux at the weekend.

Why do I need to know the word foncedé? 

Because we’ve all partied a little bit too hard at some point. 

What does it mean? 

Foncedé, pronounced ‘fons-day’, is the verlan form of défoncé: ‘fucked up’. 

It is an adjective you would use to describe a state of inebriation – typically after drinking or, for the real degenerates among you, perhaps something a little harder. 

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Lorenzo, an endearingly terrible French rapper, makes extensive use of the term in his song Fonsdé Toute La Nuit (Fucked-up all night). Note the incorrect spelling of foncedé in the song’s title – he must have been very drunk indeed. 

The word can also can also be used to describe a state of extreme tiredness (which is how we feel after enduring half an hour of Lorenzo’s music).  

A word of caution, foncedé is not a word you should use in polite company. 

Use it like this:

Je suis foncedé après avoir bu ces mojitos  – I am fucked up after drinking these mojitos 

Au bout d’une semaine de travail, je suis foncedé – At the end of the working week, I am knackered


Drunk: ivre, bourré, saoul 

On drugs: chuté, drogué, camé, toxicomane

Tired: crevé, fatigué, épuisé

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