French word of the Day: Mdr

French word of the day: Mdr
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This vital piece of slang was once exclusively used in text messages. Now it is spoken aloud in a kind of ironic post-millennial way. Lol.

Why do I need to know the word Mdr? 

Because laughs make life worth living. 

What does it mean? 

Mdr stands for mort de rire – dying of laughter.

It is the French equivalent of LOL (‘laugh out loud’ in anglophone internet parlance). 

Initially, MDR or Mdr was a very common acronym used in text messages, online forums and gaming. Today though, hipsters like to say the acronym aloud in a sort of post-millennial nod to geeky internet culture. 

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It’s pronounced as its initials – em-day-aire.

There have actually been a number of cases of people dying from laughter throughout history. The ancient Greek philosopher, Chrysippus, is thought to have died laughing at his own joke. Upon seeing a donkey munching on some figs, the stoic quipped: “Now give the donkey some wine to wash down the figs.” 

Chrysippus found this so funny that he fell into a fit of laughter and died. 

Use it like this

L’âne a mangé mes figues. Mdr – The donkey ate my figs. Lol. 

In written French, you can add further r’s onto the end of the acronym for emphasis: Mdrrrrrrrr


There are a number of less common acronyms that have the same meaning as Mdr. 

PTDR (pété de rire) for example means ‘broken with laughter’.

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  1. PTDR (pété de rire) for example means ‘broken with laughter’. – I think it is more ‘farting with laughter’

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