French phrase of the Day: Cadeau du ciel

French phrase of the Day: Cadeau du ciel
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A lovely expression which we hope you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use. 

Why do I need to know cadeau du ciel ?

Because hopefully you’ll get one soon! 

What does it mean?

Literally translated as ‘a gift from the sky’, un cadeau du ciel is an unexpected but very agreeable surprise. This can be anything from a new friendship to a lucky sports goal or a convenient political opportunity. You could even use it to describe a person who is, or has been, particularly important to you.

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Ciel means ‘sky’, but it also has the same religious connotations as ‘the heavens’ in English. 

Equivalents to the phrase cadeau du ciel in English include ‘heaven-sent’, ‘a gift from the gods’, ‘godsend’ or even ‘a blessing’.

Use it like this

La succession à la Cour suprême est un cadeau du ciel pour Donald Trump – The Supreme Court nomination is a godsend for Donald Trump.  

L’amour est un cadeau du ciel –  Love is a gift from the gods. 

Ce genre de situation peut être un cadeau du ciel si vous savez tirer parti de l’occasion This kind of situation can be a blessing if you know how to make the most of it. 


Un don – a gift

Une bénédiction – a blessing

Tombé du ciel heavensent (literally translated as ‘fallen from the sky’)

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