Seventh weekend of protests planned against French health passport

Seventh weekend of protests planned against French health passport
Protests against the health passport in France. Photo: Stephane du Sakatin/AFP
Around 200 protests have been called around France on Saturday as campaigners against the health passport hope to reverse the trend of falling attendance.

In total 200 demonstrations have been listed in towns and cities around France against the implementation of the health passport, which is now required for entry to venues including bars, cafés, museums and tourist sites.

This will mark the seventh weekend of demonstrations. Last Saturday saw a total of 175,000 demonstrators, according to official figures from the Interior Ministry, a fall from 214,000 the week before and 237,000 the Saturday before that.

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Four separate protests are planned for Paris, including one organised by the ‘yellow vests’ and one by rightwing politician Florian Philipott.

Of the demonstrations outside Paris, authorities say they expect the marches in Toulon and Montpellier to be the largest.

Since the announcement of the health passport in mid July, 10 million French people have been vaccinated and this week France overtook the UK in the percentage of its total population vaccinated.

But protests have remained large, particularly for August when many French people are on holiday.

On Friday the Scientific Council, which advises the government, said politicians and health chiefs must do more to explain the delta variant of Covid and the health passport to the people of France. 

Member comments

  1. This covid protest news is getting so boring now! I agree, stop the health passport, and all the other covid restrictions, than make the vaccine compulsory.

      1. It not compulsory (with some exceptions), not experimental, not gene therapy, and this is not the 1930s. Wrong on all points.

        mRNA technology is not new, with initial development beginning in the 1980s (as was gene therapy).
        Vaccines that use mRNA technology are not gene therapy because they do not alter your genes.
        The mRNA never enters the nucleus of the cell and hence never comes into contact with your DNA.
        What was happening in the 1930 was artificial human selection based on multiple misunderstandings and outright fictions, combined with hugely-bigoted political and religious ideologies.

    1. So it should all just stop because you’re getting bored with it? Oh well then, why didn’t you say so earlier!

  2. The third weekend anti-health pass manif passed down the road in our French suburb of Geneva on Saturday. There were about 150 people, around 100 down on the previous two. Ironic that these people, many well-heeled middle-aged folk and clearly from the bourgeoisie, were demanding “Liberte!” (one is tempted to respond “Sanite!”) as the the last French troops and most French civilians were leaving Afghanistan and the Taleban were busy destroying what remains of any “liberte” that Afghans had acquired over the last 20 years.

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