French anti-health pass demonstrations lead to 76 arrests

Saturday's protests against the health pass saw over 200,000 people take to the streets, leading to 76 arrests, according to French daily Le Figaro, citing the latest statement from the Ministry of the Interior on Sunday.

French anti-health pass demonstrations lead to 76 arrests
A demonstrator holds a banner reading "it's our choice" during a national day of protest against the compulsory Covid-19 vaccination for certain workers and the compulsory use of the health pass called for by the French government in Paris on July 31st, 2021. (Photo by GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / AFP)

There were 26 arrests in Paris alone, where three police officers were injured, the paper said.

Twenty-five of these, including two minors, were put in custody, under suspicion of having acted violently towards law enforcement agents, of “participating in a group with a view to committing acts of violence or causing damage”, of insulting officers, rebellion or possession of explosive devices.

This was the third consecutive Saturday of protests against the health pass and compulsory vaccination for some professions.

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And, despite it being France’s holiday period, the numbers of people protesting have been growing each week.

A week earlier, 161,000 people protested, including 11,000 in Paris, and 110,000 the week before that.

The health pass was definitively adopted last Sunday evening after six days of heated debates.
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It has been in force for visits to museums, cinemas and cultural venues with a capacity of more than 50 people since July 21st.
However, the latest legislation extends its use and makes a Covid-19 health pass compulsory for other day-to-day activities, such as visiting a cafe, boarding a plane or travelling on an inter-city train on 9th August.
It also makes vaccination compulsory for health-workers and carers.

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  1. Good. Should be more. They should be sentenced to work cleaning wards where virus infected patients are.

  2. What I would say to Macron….. One simple question: if the vaccinated can catch Covid & spread Covid – what EXACTLY is the point of a vaccine passport?

    1. You’re definitely not a statistics student! How many vaccinated catch/spread covid compared the unvaccinated? Come on!

      1. Double vaccinated are transmitting faster than others…60% of hospital patience were double vaccinated..go figure!

  3. I downloaded the anti covid app and had no problem with it. It took about three minutes, two of which we’re finding my QR code in the NHS sute

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