How people vaccinated outside the EU can access the French health passport

How people vaccinated outside the EU can access the French health passport
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France has extended its health passport scheme so it will be required to access a number of everyday venues including cafés, trains and tourist sites - so how can visitors from outside the EU access this?

The health passport is required in France to access venues including swimming pools, cinemas and tourist sites, bars, cafés, shopping malls and long-distance train or bus travel.

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If you were vaccinated in France it is pretty simple to load your vaccination certificate onto the health passport app – here’s how.

People vaccinated in the EU have compatible vaccination certificates, while for those in England and Wales the NHS app is compatible with the French health passport app. From September 3rd, Scottish vaccination certificates are also compatible.

But for those vaccinated outside Europe – and those vaccinated in Northern Ireland which is not currently using the NHS app – things are a little more complicated.

However, it’s not an impossible problem.

For entry into France, showing a foreign vaccination certificate – either on paper or in a digital format – is sufficient if you are ‘fully vaccinated’.

In travel terms that means you have had a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson) are at least two weeks after your second dose (or four weeks if you had the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine).

Those vaccinated with a vaccine not currently approved by the EMA, which includes Sinopharm and Sputnik, do not count as ‘fully vaccinated’ under French rules and need to follow the protocols for unvaccinated travellers.

Once you are in France, you will need to show the health passport – showing either proof of vaccination, a recent negative Covid test or recent recovery from Covid – to access a number of leisure or cultural venues.

Initially, non-European tourists were told to take their US vaccination certificates to a pharmacy in France, where staff could convert the code into a French one that would be compatible with the app.

However, an online portal has now been set up and since August 27th has been accessible to non-French citizens.

Who is eligible

The system applies to people vaccinated in a country other than the EU Member States, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland, England or Wales.

EU and Schengen zone countries issue vaccine certificates which are already compatible with the French health pass.

If you were vaccinated in England or Wales, find out how to access the French pass using your NHS certificate HERE.

The full requirements are;

  • You must also have been fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the EMA or equivalent. These are: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca (including Covishield) and Johnson & Johnson.
  • It must be four weeks after your dose if you received a one-dose injection (Johnson & Johnson);
    Seven days after the second injection for two-dose vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
    Seven days after the injection if you have recovered from Covid-19 (in which case, only one dose is necessary);
  • You must be over 18 (Until 30th September, under 18s do not need to show a health passport. This will be expanded to those aged 12-17 after that date)

You also need to be either in France or intending to travel ‘in the coming days’, although the site does not specify exactly how imminent your trip needs to be.

How to apply

In order to receive a French certificate, you need to prepare the following documents in PDF, JPG or PNG format:

  • A vaccination certificate, demonstrating full vaccination
  • A valid passport
  • Tickets showing your dates of travel into France

Online application

Online applications were initially open only to French citizens, but since August 27th this has now been expanded to anyone who was vaccinated outside the EU – whether they are tourists planning a visit, French residents who got their vaccines elsewhere or people who have recently moved to France from a non-EU country

You can find the portal HERE.

Unless you are a student, in which case you apply HERE.

First you will need to create an account using an email address and password – or if you are a French resident you can sign in using France Connect.

You are then taken to a simple one-page form which asks you to fill in your personal details and the details of when, where and with what dose you were vaccinated. the address required is your address outside France, so your home address for tourists or previous address for people moving to France.

The form also requires you to upload supporting documents; a valid passport, a vaccination certificate and a travel ticket (this can be either a ticket for a planned trip or the way that you arrived in France if you are already here).

Once you have filled in the form click the button to Déposer le dossier.

By email

Previously, visitors were told to apply by email, but since August 27th, new applications have been met with a bounce-back telling them to apply online instead.

Applications should, however, still be processed for people who applied before that date and are still waiting for a response.

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At the pharmacy

Many readers of The Local reported long delays when applying on the old email system. We don’t yet know how quick and efficient the online portal is likely to be, but if you do end up waiting for a long time, the other option is to visit a pharmacy in France.

Some pharmacies are able to exchange a non-French vaccine certificate for the French code, although this is not a statutory service so pharmacies are not obliged to do this. Many readers have reported successfully making the swap at a pharmacy, but you may need to shop around to find a pharmacist willing to do this.

Get a test

The other option for people who are still waiting for a French code is to get a Covid test. The health passport can be used with a negative Covid test that is less than 72 hours old, and tests are easily accessible in France from pharmacies or pop-up testing centres – more details here.

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Talks are ongoing between the EU and a number of non-EU countries on harmonising the technology to allow various countries’ apps to scan non-EU certificates.

What to do once you have the code

Once your application is processed you will be sent a QR code.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can print out this code and show it at health passport venues.

If you do have a smartphone, you can then download the TousAntiCovid app and scan in your new code. You can then show that at any health passport venue in France for entry.

For a full explanation on how the app works, click HERE. 

Member comments

  1. Hi there. I applied yesterday evening, and I received the QR documents within 30 minutes. Downloaded TousCovid app, scanned the bar-code and within a few seconds I have the mobile app. Astounding. Grateful.

  2. Would be really interested in the Admin response here

    Is there any mechanism at all to convert non EU vaccines for those who live in France but who are not french?

    We live in France, British passport, vaccinated in UAE ( where we used to live) now resident in France.

    WE applied using an overseas address in UK and exit travel tickets to the UK- but now we cannot travel to the UK as our vaccines are not recognised there meaning we are treated by UK as unvaccinated. Also applied using site which we now see works only for french nationals. They told me to reapply after two weeks by email. Still nothing.

    The only way people seem to have had success is if they apply before getting to France ( our daughter did this and got her french QR within 5 minutes)- but please correct me if I am wrong?

    Did i also read that the application process by email only runs in August anyway?
    Have we really got to get re vaccinated to get an EU QR code – which seems ridiculous, potentially dangerous and criminally wasteful?

    Thanks Nikki

    1. ok there is new online system

      Depuis le 27 août, les demandes de QR code se font en ligne.
      Pour les ressortissants étrangers, hors étudiants :
      Pour les étudiants étrangers :

      Since August 27, the requests for QR code are made online.
      For foreign nationals, except students:
      For foreign students: :

  3. My husband and I applied using the same form which gpierce posted above. I received an email within 48 hours telling me that they are too busy and I need to go to à pharmacie, get tested and can receive a QR code valid for 72 hours. How helpful….My husband has not received any reply after 10 days and I don’t expect he will. It’s quite frustrating.

  4. Forgot to mention the link given by gpierce (below) was for a form similar to the one I applied with (along with supporting documents) on 11th August and have had no response from!

  5. I applied on 11th August via the email process for conversion of our Scottish Vaccine Certificates (as we don’t have the app that NHS England and Wales have!) and got an automatic receipt saying they are very busy and don’t apply again. I have heard nothing since.

    When The Local said we could apply via the online system designed for French people vaccinated elsewhere I applied via this route on 20th August. Both myself and my partner received email responses with an ‘allocated number’ which seemed promising but have heard nothing since! It seems perhaps that we might just be ignored as the most recently updated article here is now saying we aren’t actually eligible to apply that way after all. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming the very helpful people who write all these articles at The Local as it is clearly a moveable feast!

    Let’s hope this is sorted before we travel to France in less than 3 weeks!

    1. we did the same as you. nothing. my daughter though applied and got a QR code in five minutes.
      British passport, UAE vaccines. so frustrating

    2. We did the same as live in Scotland. Have received a reply from the online application stating it’s only for French nationals. The email had a link with information regarding the email application method which I have done for us again! Still no response. I’m beginning to think all the emails are being ignored. None of it is easy as all application forms & info is only in French.

      1. I am now wondering if we are all applying too early as it says at the moment you can only apply if you are in France or travelling there up until 26th August – today’s date!
        My neighbour’s sister apparently applied a couple of days before she travelled and was sent a QR code before she got to France!
        I can’t decide whether they might process my original application once we are in the appropriate time window for travel on 10th September I am going to check tomorrow to see what ‘end date’ they give for applications they will allegedly process! When it is on or after 10th September I will wait a day or so to see if they grant me a code and if not I will submit another application!

  6. Try applying again tomorrow when you are within the window of time they are dealing with and see what happens. My neighbour’s sister got it very quickly by applying just before she went to France. She didn’t plan it that way – she is totally disorganised but it seemed to work to her benefit!

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