French word of the Day: Enfariner

French word of the Day: Enfariner
The French language is so detailed it even has a word for throwing flour over someone. 

Why do I need to know Enfariner?

Because it seems to happen a lot lately, especially to politicians. 

What does it mean? 

Enfariner comes from the French la farine – flour – and it means sprinkling flour or white powder over something. 

It can be used when you cook but also when you apply too much make-up powder on your face. 

More recently, it was used a lot to describe politicians who had flour thrown over them. 

This weekend, far left presidential candidate for 2022 Jean-Luc Mélenchon had flour thrown in his face as he was talking to reporters during a march against extreme right-wing ideas. 

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Former environment minister François de Rugy was also enfariné last Friday while he was campaigning for the regional elections in Nantes in western France. 

But enfariner also has a different, less literal, meaning. It is derived from Se faire rouler dans la farine, a very typical French expression which means to be fooled. 

Use it like this

Je me suis encore fait enfariner ! – I got fooled again!

As-tu bien enfariné le plat avant qu’on verse la pâte dedans ?  – Did you sprinkle enough flour in the dish before we pour the mixture in? 

Tu t’es encore enfarinée le nez ! – You put too much powder on your face again!

Le politicien s’est fait enfariner le week-end dernier – The politician had flour thrown over him last weekend. 


Se faire duper – to be fouled 

Saupoudrer de la farine – Sprinkle flour 

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