French word of the Day: Gifler

French word of the Day: Gifler
You might have seen this in one or two headlines recently.

Why do I need to know gifler?

Because anyone can do it and it can happen to anyone, even to the French president. 

What does it mean? 

Gifler is French for the verb ‘to slap’ while une gifle is a slap.

It was all over the news after French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped on Tuesday by a 28-year-old man while he was on tour in south of France. 

Although Macron shrugged off the assault, the French press saw it as a manifestation of a “violent political climate” and it made a lot of headlines.

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Macron giflé : le tollé – Macron slapped: the outcry, wrote La Dépêche du Midi

Le Parisien chose La gifle qui inquiète – The slap that worries

While regional newspaper Sud-Ouest printed La gifle qui secoue la République – The slap that shook the Republic. 

In an editorial, the editor in chief of La Voix du Nord entitled his piece: “Gifler le president, c’est gifler la France” – “Slapping the president is slapping France.” 

Use it like this

Tu m’énerves, si seulement je pouvais te gifler ! – You’re getting on my nerves, if only I could slap you in the face. 

Il n’a pas été sage et il mérite une gifle – He wasn’t well-behaved and he deserves a slap. 


Filer une baffe à quelqu’un – To give someone a slap

Mettre une torgnole à – To hit someone in the face 

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