French expression of the Day: Partir en goguette

French expression of the Day: Partir en goguette
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Need a break? Here’s the perfect way to say you’re going away.  

Why do I need to know partir en goguette?

Because it’s a charming way to say you are taking a holiday. 

What does it mean?

Goguette is a festive word. Goguette literally means a ‘fun remark, a joke’ but if you pair it with partir (to depart) it means you’re going on vacation or heading off for some fun.

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In the 18th and 19th centuries, goguettes were a celebratory social practice where small groups of people gathered to sing and have fun in France. 

Être en goguette also means being in a good mood thanks to wine and good food. 

On the contrary, chanter goguette à quelqu’un – singing goguette to someone – is not very pleasant. It means that the person is being insulted, or being told offensive or annoying things. 

Use it like this

Demain, nous partons en goguette – Tomorrow, we’re going on holiday.

Je ne veux qu’une chose : partir en goguette ! – There’s only one thing I want: to take a vacation. 


Partir en vacances – Going on holiday

Partir en congés – Taking some time off

En voiture Simone ! – Here we go!

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