French teens to get €300 to spend on books, music, film or digital products

Teenagers living in France will receive €300 when they turn 18 to spend on cultural products such as books, video games or festivals, President Macron has announced.

French teens to get €300 to spend on books, music, film or digital products
The money can be spent on physical goods like books and DVDs or digital subscriptions and downloads, or concert tickets. Photo: Denis Charlet/AFP

This ‘pass culture’, which was first trialled in five French départments in February 2019, and then extended to 14 départments in June 2019, will now be applied to the whole of France.

When French teens turn 18, they will gain access to the ‘Pass Culture’ application, and will have 24 months to spend the money.

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The allocation can be used on physical goods such as books, DVDs and musical instruments; digital products like ebooks or newspaper subscriptions; events such as cinema or concert tickets, festivals, or museum visits; or dance, theatre, music or art lessons.

Every 18-year-old living in France is eligible upon providing proof of identity.

However, if you are not a French or EU citizen, you will need to prove that you have been living in France for at least a year, meaning a student who arrives in France at the age of 18 to begin a degree programme will not qualify for the scheme.

Instead of receiving €500 at once, as was the case during the trials, the pass currently involves a €300 allocation at the age of 18.

From 2022, this will be supplemented by smaller instalments. From the age of 13, French students will receive €25  per year while they are at collège (middle school), and €50 per year during their lycée (high school) years.

Future cohorts will therefore receive a total of €500, corresponding to the campaign promise Macron made during the 2017 presidential election.

According to a press release from April 21st 2021, 70 percent of reservations made in the trial departments using the app were for physical books, ebooks or audiobooks.

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  1. This is what makes France, well France…culture, art, critical thinking. Can’t imagine many other countries in the world so fundamentally supportive of these life-defining and mind-expanding things…Especially in a world where the next generation is increasingly turned inwards onto screens and echo chambers… this is a vital and awesome initiative to stave off the brain-dead groupthink of social media etc. Bravo France.

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