The priority jobs that qualify you for an early vaccine in France

The priority jobs that qualify you for an early vaccine in France
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Before opening up vaccines to all from May 31st, France has announced a list of jobs that qualify you for a priority vaccine.

From Monday, May 24th anyone over 18 in France can book a vaccine slot if they work in a ‘priority’ profession, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced last week.

The full list of priority jobs has now been published and is very wide ranging, so if you work in any of the sectors listed below, you are now entitled to book your appointment.

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  • Teachers, teaching assistants and staff in nursery schools or crèches
  • Non-teaching staff working in schools, nurseries or universities (including catering and maintenance staff)
  • Support workers for families or people with disabilities
  • Child protection professionals
  • Staff in emergency accommodation
  • Police officers and police civilian staff
  • Security guards
  • Prison and probation staff
  • Military personnel
  • Drivers including bus drivers, taxi drivers, HGV drivers and delivery staff 
  • Postmen and postwomen
  • Staff on ferries or other boat transport
  • Public transport inspectors
  • Cleaning and maintenance staff 
  • Waste collectors or people who work in waste processing, sewage processing centres or water treatment works
  • Anyone employed in food retail including pâtissiers, bakers, butchers, greengrocers and supermarket cashiers and shelf-stackers
  • Tobacconists 
  • Anyone working in the hospitality sector including staff and mangers at hotels, cafés and restaurants
  • Funeral home and mortuary staff
  • Staff at food processing plants, slaughterhouses or meat processing plants 
  • Veterinary public health inspectors
  • Labour inspection officers
  • Anyone working in the events industry
  • Anyone working in a sports centre or gym
  • Employees of air or sea transport companies which travel to high-risk areas

The Prime Minister’s office said this concerns around 7 million people.

To prove your eligibility you can present either a professional card or a payslip detailing your job. If you have neither of these, Matignon said that a written déclaration sur l’honneur that you qualify under these rules will be sufficient.

From Monday, May 31st, vaccine slots will then be open to all over 18s, two weeks earlier than planned.

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