French word of the day: Youpi

French word of the day: Youpi
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Why do I need to know youpi?

Because, although pretty basic, it sounds different to equivalents in other languages. Plus we often teach you swearwords and phrases that express exasperation, but knowing how to express joy in French is key as well.

What does it mean?

Youpi is French for ‘whoopee’ or ‘yippee’, that cry of joy that exists in different variants internationally.

The French youpi is pronounced something like ‘yo-pee’ (or ‘ju-pi’). Some spell it youppi.

Youpi is like ‘weehoo’, ‘yay’ or ‘hoorah’ – it’s just a way to show that you’re excited about something. 

It is colloquial, but sweet and no one will think badly of you for saying it at work for example (provided something happens that merits a cry of enthusiasm).

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Use it like this

On part en vacances demain, youpi ! – We’re going on holiday tomorrow, yippee!

Youpi, j’ai trop hâte de boire un verre en terrasse ! – Yippee, I can’t wait to have a drink out on a terrace!

Je pense qu’il va gagner, youpi ! – I think he’s going to win, yay!

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