France opens up Covid vaccines to all adults with chronic medical conditions

France opens up Covid vaccines to all adults with chronic medical conditions
Health minister Olivier Véran visiting a vaccine centre. Photo: Rafael Lafargue/AFP
France's health minister has announced another acceleration of the Covid vaccine rollout, this time to all adults who have underlying medical conditions including diabetes or hypertension.

Following the announcement yesterday from president Emmanuel Macron that from May 1st all adults who are obese (with a BMI above 30) will be eligible for a vaccine, health minister Olivier Véran on Friday revealed that this will extend to all adults suffering from a chronic medical condition.

At present under 55s can only be vaccinated if they have a serious condition including cancer and transplant patients.

However this will be extended so that from May 1st people of any age can be vaccinated if they have a chronic condition including diabetes or hypertension.

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The president also added that from May 15th all over 50s – with or without health conditions – can be vaccinated, as per the original vaccinate schedule.

The French government has been under pressure to extend the vaccine programme to everyone immediately, rather than waiting until mid June to allow younger people to be vaccinated – especially after reports of unfilled appointments at vaccine centres.

Speaking to France Info on Friday morning, Véran said: “Obesity is the primary risk factor outside of age that exposes people to the most serious forms of Covid-19.

“But we are also opening up vaccination to people with co-morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, renal or cardiac failure or cancers.”

He added that this represents around 4 million people.

The health ministry later clarified that people with an underlying illness do not need a prescription from their GP before they can book an appointment, a simple ‘declaration’ will suffice.

Among the co-mobities listed by the health ministry are;

  • Cardiac problems including hypertension and people who have had heart surgery
  • Types 1 and 2 diabetes
  • Respiratory conditions including severe asthma and sleep apnea
  • Kidney failure
  • Obesity (a BMI of over 30)
  • Kidney failure
  • Cancer
  • Chronic liver conditions including cirrhosis
  • A compromised immune system
  • Neurological conditions including cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease and Parkinson’s
  • Dementia
  • Diagnosed psychiatric conditions 

You can find the full list HERE.

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  1. Hi,
    Does anyone have a link to the the declaration needed if you are under 50 and have a co-mobities?

    1. I think the declaration is made when you make the appointment online. You have to tick that you suffer from one of the co-minorities listed, to be able to reserve a slot.

  2. Is the Johnson and Johnson vaccine available anywhere in the Vendee yet? I believe it’s only available in chemists.

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