French word of the Day: Dacodac

French word of the Day: Dacodac
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond
If you're in a jaunty, careful and relaxed mood you might want to show it with this word.

Why do I need to know dacodac?

Because it’s a happy-go-lucky sort of word that will likely imply you’re a pretty easy going person. 

What does it mean?

The French term dacodac translates to ‘okie dokie’ or ‘alrighty’ in English, a casual agreement to something. Much like ‘okie dokie’, the term dacodac has derived from the word OK – d’accord in French. 

It’s a good word to use in a casual situation, and is fairly colloquial – you probably wouldn’t use it with someone you were vous-ing in a formal situation.

Like its English translation, it’s slightly old-fashioned so you probably won’t hear many hip young Parisians saying this, but it is still used.

Use it like this

Dacodac, à tout à l’heure ! – Okie dokie, see you soon!

Dacodac, on y va. – Alrighty, let’s go.

Je vais m’arrêter chez toi, dacodac ? – I’ll stop by your place, okie dokie?


D’acc – Okay (short for d’accord)

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