French phrase of the day: Vider son sac 

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French phrase of the day: Vider son sac 
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Why you might sometimes need to empty a metaphorical bag in France.


Why do I need to know vider son sac?

Because it doesn't mean the same as its direct translation and it may be good for your mental health.

What does it mean?

Vider son sac translates as 'to empty one's bag', vider being the verb 'to empty' and sac is French for 'bag', as in sac à main (handbag) or sac à dos (backpack).

The expression is a metaphor and what you're emptying is not really your bag, but yourself.

It's not a dirty expression, however, so if your mind had travelled to stuff that happens below the belt, then think again.

Vider son sac is the French equivalent of 'getting something off your chest' or 'speak your mind'.  It’s an alternative to dire ce qu’on a sur le coeur, which directly translates as 'to say what’s in your heart'.

A person qui vide son sac speaks truthfully about something, even if it's difficult to say. French online dictionary l'Internaute explains it as when someone says "all the unsaid things that they until then kept for themselves".

Perhaps unsurprisingly, several French media used the expression about Oprah Winfrey's explosive interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry last week.




There are two main theories for how this expression originated. One claims that the sac refers to the stomach, and that vider son sac became a metaphor for 'relieving the pressure' (going to the bathroom).

The second and most widespread theory says the expression originated in the courtroom, as a referral to when lawyers got out the documents necessary to plead their case - literally emptying their bags.

Use it like this

Parfois on a besoin de vider son sac pour que les choses ne s'accumulent pas. - Sometimes we need to get stuff off our chest so that things don't pile up.

Elle vide rarement son sac, mais hier elle m'a vraiment dit tout ce qu'elle avait sur le coeur. - She rarely opens up about her true feelings, but yesterday she really told me everything she had on her mind.

Tu as vu l'interview de Meghan Markle et Prince Harry avec Oprah ? Qu'est-ce qu'ils ont vidé leur sac ! - Have you seen Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah? They really got things off their chest!


Dire ce qu’on a sur le coeur - say what’s on your mind.


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