Frenchman jailed for repeatedly breaking the 6pm curfew

A 25-year-old man from southern France has been sentenced to three months in jail after he was caught breaking curfew for the fourth time in less than a month.

Frenchman jailed for repeatedly breaking the 6pm curfew
Illustration photo: Fred Tanneau/AFP

The man was stopped by officers in a car in Adge in the Hérault département in the south of France after 6pm and gave a ‘fanciful’ explanation for why he was out, according to the prosecutor in Béziers.

He had already been fined three times for breaking the 6pm-6am curfew in February and March and has also been convicted of several unrelated offences.

The court therefore decided to sentence him to three months in jail, with an immediate detention order.

The standard fine for breaking curfew in France is €135, which can be given to anyone who either does not have the correct attestation permission form or who is out for a reason not on the list of permitted exemptions.

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However fines for breaking curfew can rise for repeat offenders to a maximum of €3,750 and six months in jail. The same applies to people caught repeatedly breaking the rules on masks or lockdown (where applicable). 

Member comments

  1. So, the virus spreads more after 1800 hhrs? This is simply nonsense. The man was alone in his car. Another attempt at controlling people.

    1. Bella that you do not know that! ofcourse it spreads more after 18.00! hahaha But it does not spread when you eat! that’s good news! My son does not have to wear his mask during lunch time, the children eat and talk like any other day. And when lunch is finished quickly amother mask, because when the mouth is empty the virus spreads.
      That’s called covid logic!

  2. One of the reasons for the curfew is the vast number of ladies and men of the night advertising their services.
    A particular lady used our mobile number in error and we received over 150 calls!

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