French expression of the day: Mon gars

French expression of the day: Mon gars
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This French expression is for all the brave little men out there.

Why do I need to know mon gars?

Because it's a nice way to address good male friends, a son or a grandson.

What does it mean?

Mon gars, which directly translates as 'my boy', is a term of endearment similar to 'buddy', 'pal' or 'mate', just like mon pote (my pal) or mon copain.

Unlike mon pote/ma pote and mon copain/ma copine, however, mon gars doesn't have a female version and only works on blokes – except in its plural form, les gars, which means 'guys' and can used on either gender.

'Guy' is also the English term for gars, according to French online dictionary l'Internaute.

However gars, which is short for garçon, has a slightly richer meaning in that it is both a way to show affection and provide comfort or encouragement. (L'Internaute describes gars as un brave type – a brave fellow).

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If your buddy just got dumped by his girlfriend, you could say, ça va aller, mon gars – you'll be alright, mate.

Or, if your son just scored his first goal on the football field, you can shout, bravo mon gars ! – bravo son!

However, the plural version – les gars – is less specific and means simply 'guys': On y va, les gars ? – Let's go guys?

Use it like this

Allez, mon gars ! – Come on, fella!

Ca va, mon gars ? – You alright, mate?

Mon gars, j'ai rencontré une fille hier et je n'arrive pas à me concentrer. – Mate, I met girl yesterday and I can't concentrate.

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