Word of the day: Réglo

Word of the day: Réglo
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A useful word to describe someone who likes to do things properly.

Why do I need to know réglo?

It’s a fairly common argot expression used by people of all ages in conversation.

What does it mean?

Réglo comes from the word régulier, which means to be honest or legitimate.

It's paired with the verb être (to be) so être réglo means to be straight, trustworthy or honest. It can be applied to a situation where you want to show loyalty to someone, or where you don’t want to do things properly, without breaking any rules.

As with its English equivalent, it can also be used in a slightly mocking or self-mocking way to describe someone who is just a little too straight and should maybe loosen up a bit and break the odd rule.

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Use it like this

Je veux être réglo avec toi – I want to do right by you

Il n’a jamais fumé de sa vie, il est réglo – He’s never smoked in his life, he is a little bit square

Tu peux lui faire confiance, elle est réglo – You can trust her, she’s an honest person


Correct – decent, proper

Être rond en affaires – to be an honest businessman


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