French expression of the day: Je suis grillé

French expression of the day: Je suis grillé
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This is an increasingly common phrase among younger people, but it's not about cooking.

Why do I need to know Je suis grillé?

It’s a phrase that’s becoming more frequently used, particularly among the French youth, that could be very useful in your everyday conversations.

What does it mean?

Translated literally, je suis grillé means 'I’m grilled', but it has a much more colloquial meaning.

It means 'I’m toast' or 'I’m screwed' and can be applied to a situation where you’ve got into trouble and you’ve got caught.

It is useful when referring to a mistake you’ve made or a sticky situation you’ve been caught up in and it’s a phrase you’ll hear a lot if you hang around with younger French people.

Grillé is the masculine variant, while grillée is feminine. 

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Use it like this

Peu importe ce que je dis, je suis grillé – No matter what I say, I’m screwed.

Si vous m’inculpez, je suis grillé ! – If you file charges, I’m toast!

Je savais que j’étais grillé quand le professeur a demandé à me parler – I knew I was toast when the teacher asked to speak to me.


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