French word of the day: Fric

French word of the day: Fric
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Sometimes in French, all you need is a little fric.

Why do I need to know fric?

Because it's one of those common slang expressions that's useful to know.

What does it mean?

Not to be confused with flic (cop), fric is a French slang expression that means 'money' or 'cash'.

Avoir du fric – to have money.

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Where the expression comes from is uncertain, but French newspaper Figaro draws a line back to the 15th Century when fricasser was a verb used about form for cooking. Later, fricot was used about a stew of meat and/or veggies that were (over)cooked in a stew.

Le Figaro leaves it at at that, concluding that while fric is a mystery, it's something you need for festive activities – such as enjoying a big stew. Okay then.

And today there's no doubt that fric is all about the money.

Use it like this

C'est €2 pour la machine à café, tu as du fric ? – It's €2 for the coffee machine, do you have cash?

Achêter un appartement à Paris.. il faut du fric pour ça ! – Buying an apartment in Paris.. you need money for that! 

Tu veux venir au casino avec nous ce soir ? Je ne peux pas, je n'ai plus de fric. – Do you want to come to the casino with us tonight? I can't, I'm out of money.


De l'argent – money

Des sous – coins

De la thune – money

Du blé – cash


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