George Clooney to Donkey-on-Seine – The hilarious English version of the Paris Metro map

George Clooney to Donkey-on-Seine - The hilarious English version of the Paris Metro map
Photo: AFP/MetroMashCo
Have you ever been from Goblins to Donkey Four Roads? You might have done the trip without knowing it, because these are two of the stations on the (very loose) translation of the Paris Metro map.

The newly translated map – which takes one of two linguistic liberties but is also very funny, is the brainchild of MetroMash.

Since 2012 MetroMash has created English versions of the metro in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Berlin.

They've now turned their attention to Paris, with such gems as Cannonball Street, Sheep Duvernet, The Skinner and Beards. You might know these locations better as Rue des Boulets, Mouton Duvernet, Le Peletier and Bourse.

The full map is available on website MetroMash.

Photo: MetroMash

“The project aims to blend linguistic accuracy, historical facts, and whimsical humour,” MetroMash founder Barrington Russel told The Local. 

“We are not rigorous with our logic or translations, preferring to take the route of 'most fun' where possible.”

All their maps had received both applause and criticism, although the French turned out to be the most severe judges in their feedback on the map, Russel said.

“We find this incredibly funny since it sits precisely with our notion of the uptight and disinterested, too-chic-to-laugh Parisian stereotype,” he said. “They're mostly angry at our mistreatment of their sacred history.”

However the map did not appear overnight. It was a result of two weeks of research, translation and verification together with French-speakers, followed by another two weeks to recreate the map.

“The payoff is when it gets released and the feedback (both joyous and hateful) starts to come in. That's when the real fun starts,” Russel said.

To access an interactive version of the map, click here.


Photo: MetroMash


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