Attestations: The three permission forms you need in France to leave your home

Attestations: The three permission forms you need in France to leave your home
Screenshot Ministry of Interior.
The French government has published the three permission forms members of the public need to either go shopping, go to work or go to school during lockdown. Here are all the details.

People in France will once again need a permission form – either in paper version or on mobile phone – to leave their homes during the second period of confinement.

In all there are three forms, one that people will need when leaving their house to go shopping or for exercise, called the attestation de déplacement dérogatoire (exemption certificate), another form that workers will need to make the journey to and from their place of work, called the justificatif de déplacement professionel and finally a form that covers school pupils titled the justificatif de déplacement scolaire.

The form needed to leave the home, seen below, includes several options members of the public must tick to explain their reason for being outside.

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These cover essential trips such as grocery shopping, exercising, visiting a doctor or for imperative family reasons.

Those who are stopped by police and don't have a form or are judged by the police to be flouting the rules risk a fine of €135 that could rise to €375. Those who are caught flouting the rules three times in 30 days fave a fine of €3,750.

There is also a version in English as seen in the picture below.

It is the only one of the three forms available in digital format, in other words a mobile phone version. It is also easily available on France's TousantiCovid smartphone app, which the government is encouraging everyone to download.

You can read the full list of reasons you are allowed to leave you home HERE

It's worth noting that in spring questions were asked about whether you can tick several boxes at the same time if you leave the house for various reasons such as exercise and then shopping.

Authorities said this was indeed possible and even encouraged to avoid people leaving the house too frequently.

To access or download the form CLICK HERE.

The other two forms needed to travel to work or school are only available in French but you can download them HERE

The form needed to go to work needs to be signed by your employer.



The form below is mainly for secondary school children who travel to school on their own. It needs to be signed by a parent or guardian. It also needs to be stamped by the school.


Member comments

  1. are we allowed to use pencil to fill in the attestation form? it seems a terrible waste of paper to use a new form everytime one goes out ie I walk my dogs twice a day and would certainly rather erase than use a fresh form

  2. Ok, I’m in PACA. Has anyone actually been stopped by Police since the lockdown began?
    Even though the app doesn’t work … the Police I have seen are not interested. The usual places where I’d be stopped by car or on foot during March are not manned this time?

  3. Peter Smith – the déchèteries are only supposed to be open for authorised businesses and are being staffed with this in mind. There is no box on an individual’s form. In fact, this last week, there have been a number of private visits to our local ones, which they accepted, provided people were appropriately masked. My source: family member who works on one.

  4. The Local … it’s about time you improved the web site with lots of options … vote up / down on these posts. Email us when they’re added to if we’ve contributed to … you know the stuff all the other web sites offer.

  5. Ptm, they are stores in Files > Documents.
    But that’s if the app works.
    I’ve found by pressing the Generate button for 2 days it no longer works so I head out without any attestation … and I’ve yet to see anyone stopped, nor, walking past police have I been stopped. If I DO get stopped I’ll tell the copper I have no printer and my app no longer works.

  6. What do you mean when you say “mainly for secondary school children who travel to school on their own?. It’s either for them or not. if it’s mainly for them then does that mean it is sometimes for other people? if so who?

  7. I know it’s a bit of a sin
    But I’m wallowing in self pity and gin.
    The new rules are making me sick
    We can’t buy a book or a flick
    This predicament’s the worst I’ve been in.

    Not for me to judge or deride
    But for Christmas I’ve got to decide.
    My cake mix looks funny
    The rain of made it runny
    “Cos they said we “can’t mix inside”.

    I can go out to walk my snake
    Or jog round the local lake
    But to go back to Blighty
    And enjoy Christmas nighty
    Is something I’ve got to forsake.

  8. What about people travelling to relocate from the UK and becoming permanently ‘local’ in France, what form do they use?

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