The Paris to Nice night train is making a comeback

A Paris to Nice night train service that was discontinued three years ago will be making a comeback, the French government announced on Wednesday.

The Paris to Nice night train is making a comeback
People standing outside Nice train station. Photo: AFP

“We are planning to open at least one (night) line, the one from Paris to Nice. Then we will see if we can open others, depending on the results and whether it is sustainable,” Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said.

A fixed date for the reopening has not yet been set, but president of the national rail company SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou, said the Paris-Nice and Paris-Tarbes lines would be running again by December 2021.

The France Relance economic recovery plan of €100 billion unveiled last week includes a vast investment in modernising the country’s infrastructure, with €4,7 billion dedicated to rail transport.

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The Paris-Nice sleeper train (once the famous Train Bleu) was discontinued in December 2017, along with other night services which had slowly decreased over the years due to their lack of profitability for SNCF.

There are currently only two regional Intercité sleeper trains that cross France: the Paris-Briancon (Hautes-Alpes) and the Paris Latour de Carol (Pyrénées-Orientales). But night trains could soon become more common in France as the government wants to bolster its railway system to favour more environmental friendly means of transport over internal flights and car travel.


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Paris police warn tourists about ‘petition’ scam

Paris police have issued a warning to tourists to beware of scams targeting visitors that involve false petitions and donation drives.

Paris police warn tourists about 'petition' scam

The police préfecture in Paris has released an announcement warning tourists about a scam that might be used to target them especially. 

The scam involves young boys and girls asking people to sign their petitions and requesting that they give a donation. In reality, many people – especially tourists or those unfamiliar with the local area – find themselves giving their money away to a false organisation.

In other cases, the petition acts as a distraction while pickpockets target the visitors.

Frequently, these scams involve the young people feigning deafness or the inability to speak, and pretending to collect funds on behalf of NGO for the hard of hearing. 

The scam is just one of a number that criminals use to prey on tourists, and visitors return to Paris after a two-year break, police are warning people to be vigilant – especially in tourist hotspots such as Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower area or in transport interchanges such as Gare du Nord.

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For more advice on how to stay safe in Paris as a tourist, you can read the police “Guide for Staying Safe in Paris