French word of the day: Gamin

French word of the day: Gamin
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond
Here's one for kids and grown-ups who act like big babies.

Why do I need to know gamin?

Because if someone calls you a gamin it can mean two different things.

What does it mean?

Firstly, gamin refers to a 'child'. However the expression is quite familiar so a better translation is probably 'kid'.

Un gamin means a young boy and une gamine means a young girl.

Dis-donc, il est mignon ton gamin ! – What a cute kid you have there!

Secondly, gamin is a way of saying that someone is acting 'childish'.

Arrêtes de te comporter comme un gamin ! – Stop acting like a child! 

Use it like this

Cette gamine est tellement intelligente. – That girl is so intelligent.

Je n'aime pas les gamins. – I don't like kids.

Il a envie des gamins depuis des années. – He's been wanting kids for years.

Profites, tu ne sais pas combien la vie change dès que tu as des gamins. – Enjoy, you have no idea how much life changes as soon as you have kids.


Enfant – child

Gosse – small child

Bambin – small child

Môme – small child


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