French expression of the day: Ta go

French expression of the day: Ta go
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond
This one is not really French at all, but is regarded as truly hip among younger French people.

Why do I need to know ta go?

It's unlikely that you will need this expression for a professional purpose, but if you're spending time with young French people it may come up.

What does it mean?

Ta go is French argot – slang that's mostly used in young circles – meaning 'your girlfriend'.

In English, ta go is probably best translated to 'your gal', or the abbreviation GF (girlfriend).

Go is not really a French word at all, it's merely a Frenchifying of the English word 'girl'.

Some say go originated because of the way French people pronounce the English word 'girl'.

Tu viens avec ta go ? – Are you coming with your gal?

Regarde, il est avec sa go.. – Look, he's with his GF..

You can also say la go or ma go, which means 'girl' or 'my girl'.

Je peux ramener ma go ? – Can I bring the missus?

Mon pote va souvent voir sa go le week-end. –  My buddy often goes to see his girlfriend on the weekend.


Petite copine – girlfriend

If you're in the mood for a real French party song, the clip below is a real classic. Here, the rapper Niska sings elle fait la go, which loosely can be translated to 'she's acting like a babe/princess'. In this case go replaces meuf, another slang way of saying girl.

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