France braces for ‘very hot week’ as temperatures set to hit 40C

France braces for 'very hot week' as temperatures set to hit 40C
Photo: AFP
Monday kicked off what was predicted to be an extremely hot week in France, with some areas in the south seeing temperatures "approaching July records," according to Météo France.

The national weather agency warned of a “very strong heat” hitting the whole country on Monday, as France entered one of the hottest weeks this summer.

“The warmest temperatures locally in the southwest could approach monthly July records,” Météo France stated on their website.
Cities like Bordeaux and Lyon were predicted to see thermometers spiking as high as 34C and 37C respectively on Monday afternoon, while Paris would get 32C.

Most of the northern half of the mainland would see temperatures up to or above 30C, while some local areas in the south would get 40C in the afternoon.

“Locally 40C in Midi-Pyrénées,” the Méteo France warned inhabitants of the southern Occitanie département.
The agency said temperatures would cool off slightly on Tuesday and Wednesday in most of the country, except in the southeast where “it will be very hot all week”, with several areas getting up to 35C.
Thursday spells another surge in temperatures on a nationwide basis, and Friday “could be even hotter than Monday” for the entire country, according to Météo France.

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