French word of the Day: Ricain

French word of the Day: Ricain
Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash/Nicolas Raymond
French people might label you as this once they hear your accent but don't worry, it's not offensive.

Why do I need to know ricain?

Because you need to know how to react if you are called it.

What does it mean?

It means “American”. It's a shortened version of americain and has a feminine version too – ricaine (short for americaine).

As such it's slangy, but it's certainly not an offensive thing to call someone.

Dix-mille Ricains vivent à Paris – tens of thousands of Yanks live in Paris [a slight exaggeration but there a significant American community in Paris]

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J'ai entendu son accent et j'ai pensé 'c'est un ricain' – I heard his accent and I thought 'he's American'

J'aime les ricains, ils sont toujours amicaux et généreux en matière de pourboires  – I like Americans, they're always friendly and good tippers;

There's even a popular French song paying tribute to les ricains.


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